Lord Nataraja 

Om Namah Shivaya :

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#burningman2014 is coming. Who will be aligning this year? #iamvibes #yoga #hamsa #align

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Day 1 - Do Yoga

The Yoga Girl Challenge starts tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited! The response so far has been absolutely incredible; hundreds and hundreds of posts and we haven’t even started yet. I’m so happy so many of you are dedicated to improving your lives and your wellbeing. So am I! Here are the details for Day 1: Do Yoga.

The theme for the first day of the challenge is simple - I want you to get on your yoga mat. There is no pose you have to fit your body into, no special stretch to accomplish and you don’t need to post a certain picture showing off your moves. We are not here to advance our yoga poses; we are here to advance our hearts. Step on your mat at the time of day that suits you best and move exactly the way your body wants to move. Go to your local studio and take a class, try a yoga DVD, an online class, learn from a book or just move intuitively with your body. The choice is yours! This is one of the themes that I would recommend you sticking with for the full course of the challenge: practicing yoga every day. Yoga. Every. Damn. Day. I invented the #yogaeverydamnday hashtag long ago as a way to inspire people to practice daily - use that inspiration and practice yoga for these 21 days ahead! It does not need to be 2 full hours of sweating every day of the week; some days a few rounds of sun salutes are enough, other days just gentle stretching. Listen to your body. But make sure to get on your mat! Establish this. We begin tomorrow. Share a picture of something related to your yoga practice, tag @yoga_girl and #yogagirlchallenge and this challenge will officially be kicked off! See you tomorrow, darlings❤️❤️❤️ #yogagirlchallenge #love #handstand #yoga


Buddha statue in forest Pak Chong, Thailand

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